Importance of Tenant Screening

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a property management company in Dallas. One of the many important benefits we offer at Specialized property management is a thorough tenant screening and proven qualification process. Without a good tenant screening process, property owners or landlords will likely face a higher probability of running into problems later on. Those issues can include difficulty collecting rent, potential property damage, dealing with a higher vacancy rate, increased legal liabilities, and unfortunately, a higher likelihood of dealing with an eviction.

How Specialized Property Management Dallas Can Help:

  • Minimize the risk of tenants who do not pay and property damage with a thorough background check.
  • Make sure you comply with discrimination laws and the fair credit reporting act throughout the screening process.
  • Require an application for every tenant over 18 years of age.
  • Verify a combined tenant income of at least three times the rent rate.
  • While poor credit is increasingly common in this economy, avoid evictions and judgments and request written explanations of late payments.
  • Verify at least the past two years of rental history with previous landlords and ask if there was any major damage to the last house or apartment.
  • Finally, do a criminal background check to screen out those with a history of drugs or theft, and especially violent or sexual offenders.

7 Tips To Find More Reliable Tenants:

For over 30 years, Texas rental property owners have trusted Specialized Property Management to help their rental home investments be more profitable and avoid costly mistakes. Our full services include marketing, leasing, applicant screening, showings, rent-ready services, maintenance, managing tenant needs, rent collection, lease enforcement, owner reporting and trust accounting. The firm maintains the highest online and customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

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