Though fall is fast approaching, those sweltering summer temperatures last forever in Texas! While all you may want to do is jump into that refreshing pool and crank that A/C up, don’t forget about maintaining your rental property. Specialized Property Management wants property management in Dallas to go smoother and easier for you as the landlord and your tenants. Beat the heat and stave off the cold days by following these seasonal maintenance tips.


Regular fall and winter maintenance can improves the value of your property while keeping it looking great on the inside and out.

1.Check Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Units
It’s common in Texas to have irregular seasons. In autumn it can be 85 degrees one day, and 40 degrees the next! Make sure you follow a tip from the leader in Dallas rental property management and clean or replace the A/C and ventilation system filters often to keep both the heater and the A/C unit in good working order. Get rid of any buildup on fans and airways, and clean those fan blades!

2. Perform a Fall Property Inspection

Have a qualified licensed inspector walk around your property and inspect the inside and outside to ensure everything is as it should be. Your inspector should also check lease compliance at the same time if possible.

3. Perform Fall Landscaping
Fall is a good time to fertilize and water the lawn, prune trees and shrubs, and remove any plants or roots that impact the siding or brick of the rental property. For better property management in Dallas, keep your home looking great outside no matter the time of year.


Since Dallas summers can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees, do regular checks on your A/C unit. These systems can be a little complex, so ask a professional to take a look at it if you’re worried it’s not functioning properly. Also, always respond quickly to your tenants if they complain about problems with it. The worst possible thing a landlord involved in Dallas rental property management could do is let his tenants suffer through a sweltering summer with no cold air to relieve them.

Your Specialized team wants to help you maintain the value of your property by taking care of it in all seasons. Give us a call today to put us to work for you!