How to Place Good Tenants in Your Rental Units

DFW property management

Having good tenants in your rental home can make your property investment experience either bitter or sweet. With a few careful considerations you can increase your odds to find great tenants. Your tenants affect the community they live in and as a DFW property management company, the goal is to place excellent tenants in rental properties.

Choosing the Right Property Location

Location really can mean something when looking at investment rental property. Before buying a certain property consider the location. Is the home near good schools and adequate shopping? Are the surrounding neighborhoods clean and quiet? A safe and attractive location can attract a certain type of rental profile. So the old adage of location, location, location holds true for a better Dallas property management experience.

Vigorous Screen Process

An entire neighborhood is affect and can be at risk when a Dallas property management company doesn’t make the thorough effort to properly screen potential tenants.  When trying to fill a vacancy in your rental property, DFW property management has a careful and thorough screening process for potential tenants. Property owners need to be aware of the federal Fair Housing Act that does not allow renting discrimination because of race, color or religion. But as a property owner, you can carefully look at rental histories, credit checks, terrorist list, and criminal backgrounds and sex offenders lists to help make good tenant choices. Careful screening and high standards can help ensure you have quality tenants.

Meet in Person

Always meet potential tenants in person before agreeing to a lease. First impressions can sometimes be your trusted impression when it comes to the character of a person. Personal meetings can help with clear communication and rental expectations on both the tenant’s and management side. Having a face to face meeting is important to both the tenant and Dallas property management company.

Filling vacancies doesn’t need to be a stressful process. With proper screening and the right location, the perfect tenant will be signing a DFW property management lease in no time.