Most property managers in Dallas want to preserve the flooring of their rental property for as long as possible. Replacing a floor can be time-consuming and frustrating if you try to tackle it yourself, and expensive if you have to do it frequently. Carpet may especially get worn out easily after a few tenants.Your professional Dallas rental management team at Specialized Property Management wants to give you some tips on how to preserve the carpet in your rental property so you won’t have to replace it too often.

Vacuum it!

Find out if your tenants own a vacuum cleaner. If they don’t, seriously consider loaning them one for a monthly fee, or purchasing one to have in the rental home. Without weekly vacuuming, dirt will embed itself in the carpet and make it wear out faster. Tell your tenants you expect them to vacuum once or twice a week, and possibly even more if they have a lot of children or pets. Remind them that their security deposit may not be returned if the carpet has to be replaced when they move out.

Spot Treatment

Whether you have tenants with children and pets or not, property managers in Dallas know that stains can happen at anytime. Grape juice or wine can spill, a dinner plate may slip from your tenant’s fingers, or they may track dirt into the house. It’s normal for carpet to experience spots and stains, so just tell your tenant you expect them to remove them quickly by blotting the carpet with a towel and then spraying a carpet cleaner/stain remover on it. Most carpet stain removers are self-explanatory and can get the stains out.

Other Ways to Preserve Your Carpet in Dallas Rental Management

  • Consider placing mats or rugs in high traffic areas
  • Have doormats at front and back doors for wiping dirt off shoes
  • Encourage your tenants to remove their shoes when they walk on the carpet
  • Have an additional pet deposit if the tenant has pets and stipulate the reasons why it will not be returned (i.e. pet urinating on the carpet or leaving stains, pets ripping up corners of the carpet, etc)
  • Deep clean your carpet once or twice a year or hire a professional carpet steamer company to do it for you

Before purchasing carpet, property managers in Dallas should look at all their different options and find a carpet that is durable, not just pick the cheapest option. For better Dallas rental management, contact Specialized Property Management today!