How to Be Your Own First Responder to Disasters as a Tenant

Dallas real estate management


When disaster strikes, you are the first responder. As a renter, this is sometimes easy to forget since someone else takes care of your Dallas rental management. But the 24/7 maintenance hotline may not be operating if the power goes down.

Although your Dallas real estate management company such as Specialized Property Management will implement an emergency response plan in the case of a disaster, there is very little anyone but you can do about your own situation in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. So, you are your own emergency response team. The following three tips will help you be prepared.


Know the Risks

Here in the Dallas area, potential emergency situations include severe storms, tornados, pandemic or public health emergencies, hail, flooding, extreme temperatures, hazardous material incidents, winter storms, utility failures, wildlife, energy/fuel shortages, lightning strikes, terrorist attacks.


Prepare a 72-hour Kit

You will need a kit for each member of your household. Put as much of it on wheels as possible so it’s portable and include at least the following items in each kit: three gallons of drinking water, three-day supply of food, wool-blanket or sleeping bag, an LED flashlight, batteries for three-days, a self-powered AM/FM radio, first-aid supplies, and extra pair of clothing, and some cash and change.


Make a Plan

Specialized Property Management recommends that everyone in your household know a central place to find shelter and gather in case of emergency. Store the emergency kits in a place where everyone knows or consider placing in vehicles. Also, make a communication plan. Who is one person everyone will try to contact to check-in with to report safety?

Preparing for and talking about disasters can be unpleasant. Just remember that it will be much more unpleasant but too late to do anything about when a disaster becomes reality. You will have no choice but to wait for the supplies and plans of your Dallas real estate management company and others, which may make your personal situation worse. So, increase your awareness, your 72-hour kit, and your plan now while it’s still a hypothetical future situation.  Hopefully, it will stay that way but if not, you’ll be ready!

Talk to your Specialized team to discuss any concerns you have about preparing for a disaster as a renter. We love talking about your safety, so call anytime.