How to Attract Dependable and Qualified Tenants

Some would say that bad tenants are like rotten eggs. They only show up every once in awhile, but when they do, they ruin everything! You’ve selected a rental property, and you’re eager to begin leasing. But, you don’t know how to ensure your tenants are reliable and responsible. Specialized Property Management is here to help. Our professional team puts property management in Dallas as their number one priority, and part of property management is attracting great tenants. Here are some keys to help you get started:

    • Every tenant over 18 years of age should fill out a comprehensive application.
    • As a landlord, you should always perform a thorough background check on those applicants, investigating if the potential tenant has a criminal history or bad credit.
    • Contact references, both former employers and previous landlords, and be diligent about asking questions. Did this tenant pay rent on time every month? Were they loud in the evening hours? Did other tenants have a problem with them? Was the residence maintained? Rental property owners should look for tenants who were clean and left no major damage to their former home.
    • Become familiar with the Fair Housing guidelines. Do not discriminate potential renters based on things like race, gender, or religion.
    • Be firm and clear about the rate of the monthly rent, and double check that your applicant or applicants have a combined income that is at least three times the rent rate you are charging.
    • Specialized Property Management knows and understands rental property management. Dallas landlords trust us to lead them in the right direction when it comes to selecting dependable and qualified tenants. If you can’t meet the interested tenant in person, enlist one of our qualified real estate professionals to meet them and walk them through the property.
    • Have a security deposit. With a security deposit that is substantially more than the monthly rent, a potential tenant will understand that you mean business. Talk with your applicant about your expectations, and what warrants that security deposit not being returned.

Finding the right tenants can be a challenge sometimes, but Specialized Property Management is here to assist in every possible way. By following these guidelines when selecting a tenant, your chances of finding qualified and responsible people to rent your residence go way up. Our customers agree that we have the tools, skills, and integrity to make rental property management in Dallas a satisfying and fulfilling experience. Find out more about our proven processes today.