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Renting a home instead of buying one is sometimes a better option for someone with mental or physical disabilities. When Dallas property management companies have a person with a disability applying to rent a unit, they need to understand the laws and rights that protect that applicant from experiencing any housing discrimination.  Housing discrimination is a serious offense. Dallas property managers need to be aware of anything in their lease agreements or accommodations to the property that would not allow a tenant with a disability to use or enjoy the property they are renting.

Property owners need to be able to identify who is protected under the law. A person qualifies as disabled and legally protected if:

    • The person has a written record of a disability
    • The person experiences a disability either mental or physical that limits his or her ability to perform major life activities
    • The person is recognized by other people as having a disability

Consider Fair Housing Requirements

Individuals are protected by the Fair Housing Act from being denied housing because of race, color, sex, religion, presence of children, or disability. Housing applications need to take care not to ask questions about specific disabilities. If your applicant has a disability, you cannot ask how severe that disability is.

Understanding Reasonable Changes to Property

Fair housing rules also reach further than just application questions or denying housing. Dallas property management companies need to have a full understanding of the laws so they can comply with rules that involve making reasonable accommodations to their property and policies that may be required for someone with a disability. Reasonable changes are generally made at the expense of the tenant, and the property needs to be put back to its original condition when the tenant moves out. All changes and agreements need to be clearly stated in the lease and understood by both landlord and tenant to avoid any misunderstandings.

Consider Pet Policies

A costly mistake that can come with heavy fines is not allowing service animals when you have a no-pet policy for your rental. Service animals are not considered pets and landlords are required by law to allow them in the rental property. There are some exception and regulations with this law so before you make any legal assumptions, check with your property management company. Dallas owners should also avoid charging additional pet fees for service animals.
Our Specialized team leads other Dallas property management companies with our knowledge of local and federal laws so that your property investment is free from costly legal mistakes. Our Specialized team makes sure that all accommodations and lease policies allow disabled tenants to enjoy where they call home. We manage your property with experience for the benefit of all tenants and circumstances. Learn more about our full range of services at