If you want to qualify to buy a home, we can help.

A recent survey of our residents revealed that over 30% of you would like to qualify to own a home in the next two years.

As the largest and most trusted property management company in the DFW Metroplex, our tenants have exclusive access to a program that helps tenants own a home faster—even with credit and down payment concerns.

Plus, you are not limited to buying in Texas.  The Homeowner Prep team can help you get the best rate sooner in any state in the nation.

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Don’t Assume Credit or Down Payment Requirements Will Hold You Back

What is Homeowner Prep?

It’s a FREE program offered ONLY to our residents interested in home ownership.  The experienced Homeowner Prep team works directly with your personal situation to help you qualify sooner.  Plus, your team has access to the some of the most current, innovative and effective financial tools to help you move more quickly with the lowest possible rates.

New programs are available to make home ownership possible again for many who previously couldn’t qualify.

How is Homeowner Prep Different?

When it comes to buying a home, it is hard to know who you can trust.  The Homeowner Prep program was created to provide our tenants seeking home ownership access to a team of experts that would guide them through the full qualifying process.  This unique program puts your interests first, with a team dedicated to creating the best option for your situation. It also gives you access to a full arsenal of financial resources that can be combined to help you reach your goals.

Should I Talk to a Real Estate Agent Yet?

First things first.  Once you qualify for a home and get pre-approved (usually within 2-6 months), the Homeowner Prep team will let you know when it is time to start shopping.  When that time comes, they will introduce you to experienced agents who specialize in the Homeowner Prep program who can help you find the perfect home for you.

Our Mission:

To help tenants who aspire to home ownership qualify for the best possible rates, faster.

How Do I Start?

Start with a no-obligation discussion with your designated Homeowner Prep team member, Andy Shea.  Simply complete the form to the right and find out just how easy it can be.

Request a No-Obligation Consultation

Take advantage of this exclusive, personalized program only for our valued residents.

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