Having to deal with the eviction process is an unfortunate part of doing business in the property management industry. Even though the tenant may be perfectly qualified on paper, things change, and eviction can become necessary. This typically does not reflect on the homeowners’ ability to be a landlord, but is a process that should be handled with care.

If you have ever had the experience of dealing with an eviction, you already know it can be a less than pleasant one. As a leader in residential property management, Dallas Specialized Property Management offers rental property owners protection from an eviction that makes the process more hassle free.

Our in-house legal staff offers eviction & writ of possession services that protect you from having any nasty confrontations with the tenant. This team has implemented a system proven to keep owners protected in the event that an eviction becomes necessary.

As a participant in our eviction protection plan, we also offer to pay for any filing, legal fees and court costs in an unlawful detainment case that arises with a tenant that has been placed by our management team. We are your team, and our purpose is to protect you from any legal ramifications.

If you are not already participating in this plan-NOW is the time to find out more. If you have a tenant whom you are already struggling with and an eviction seems evident in the near future, contact our residential property management Dallas team to see how we can help make the process hassle-free, and protect your legal rights as well! For more information: https://www.specializeddallas.com/dallas-property-management/additional-services/eviction-protection-program/