When a marital relationship is in a state of disrepair, oftentimes the couple will seek out marriage counseling to get their relationship back on track. As a property owner, what about when your cash flow situation is in disrepair due to overwhelming maintenance costs that have put a stress on your relationship with property management? Is there hope for you to get things back on track?

As the leader in Dallas Property Management, we say YES! While we don’t offer formal counseling services, we do offer advice to getting your expenses back on track by practicing these five key elements:

  1. Prepare the property between tenants to ensure it meets all safety and health codes, and is appealing to anyone who may just drive by to see the home. A well maintained home will rent faster, saving you expensive vacancy days.
  2. Plan ahead for maintenance that may arise by saving 1-2 months of rent per year. If the home is older, set aside more to keep the home up to codes.
  3. Conduct inspections and seasonal maintenance to discover any problems before they escalate to bigger issues. Being proactive could save hundred in maintenance costs alone.
  4. Respond promptly to maintenance issues. Not only does this cut costs on issues that could damage the home further, but it also reduces your liability, and keeps tenants happy.
  5. Rely on the leading Dallas property Management company to save you even more on services, appliances, materials, repairs and remodeling.

While we may not be “cost counselors,” we can help your relationship with property management and maintenance costs be a positive one. Put our experienced team to the test, and allow us to revive your management experience!