Fall is upon us, but are you ready? Part of being a tenant in a rental home is taking care of your responsibilities around the property. With new seasons, come new responsibilities. It’s important to communicate closely with your rental property management. Dallas renters need to know what’s expected of them and can take a few tips from Specialized Property Management.


Checking for safety hazards around your home is important. A seasonal change is a good reminder to stay on top of these checks and regular safety maintenance. Look for anything that will cause accidents, like loose handrails or carpet. Also, be on the watch for fire hazards. Make sure fire extinguishers are up to date and replace batteries in any smoke or Co2 detectors. If you don’t know where gas and water shut off valves are, ask your rental property management. Dallas renters may need to shut these utilities off in case of an emergency.


When the weather cools down, you’ll want to switch from A/C to your heater. It’s important the filters in the heat system are in good working order, and that vents are clean. Remember that during the winter, furnace filters should be changed monthly. Make sure all sink drains are clear of debris and draining properly, and check for any leaky faucets. For other maintenance, check with your rental property management. Dallas renters may have special circumstances or needs depending on the property they live in.


Cleaning isn’t just for the spring. There’s fall cleaning, too! It’s a good time to vacuum under appliances while you have the vacuum out for the vents. Deep clean carpets and rugs. If you have a garbage disposal, clean it by running ice through it followed up with hot water and baking soda. Your property management in Dallas will appreciate it. Enjoy the nice fall weather and look outside for any trash that needs to be cleared away before winter hits. You can store away outdoor items like hoses.

Renters play a vital part in keeping a home a safe, clean, and comfortable place to live. If you have questions about seasonal maintenance, or other repair issues, contact your Specialized Property Management team today. Help is available 24/7. And, if you’re looking for a place to rent, we pride ourselves on being the best property management in Dallas. We look forward to hearing from you!