Fort Worth Property Management that Cares about Your Rental

It doesn’t really matter if you have just purchased your first rental property or if you’ve owned investment properties for years, finding Fort Worth property management that cares about your rental is a very difficult and time-consuming task. However, don’t get discouraged in your search, because there are many professionals out there who care about the properties they maintain, as well as, their owners. Below are a few ways for you to determine if you’ve found such a manager.

  1. Answering Phone Calls: Does your property manager answer your phone calls or promptly return your calls when they are missed? If the answer is “no” then it’s a good indication that your manager views you as just another client who’s questions and concerns can wait. This is NOT the attitude you want your property manager to have. After all, if it wasn’t for you, he/she wouldn’t have a job.
  2. Explaining and Discussing Problems: A good property manager will call an owner when a problem arises. Now, you may not want to be called every time a tenant complains about a clogged toilet, but you should be notified when bigger issues arise (roof damage, tenant in default, broken window, etc.). Not only will a good property manager call you and explain the problem to you, but he/she will also discuss all of your options for remedying the problem and help you determine the right avenue.
  3. Making Suggestions: Finally, good property managers don’t just continue to do the same old thing with the properties in their care. Instead, they look for ways to improve the overall value of the properties. Why? They care about the amount of money their owners are profiting each year. Therefore, if your property manager is a good one, he/she will make suggestions from time to time regarding ways that you could improve the rentals and possibly charge more as a result.