Allowing pets at your rental property is often a hot topic. If, as a DFW property management company, you should choose to allow animals, you probably have a restricted breed list as well. What do you do when an applicant has a service animal that is on your restricted list? Or, what if you choose not to accept animals at all, and an potential tenant has a service animal? Are you familiar with the fair housing law on this topic?

Fair Housing Law Says…

While overseeing rental property management in Fort Worth, you MUST accept animals in certain situations. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing Act specifies that if there is a disability present that the use of a service animal would help alleviate, that animal must be an exception to a community’s “no pet” policy or breed restrictions. Even breeds deemed to be aggressive, must be accepted as service animals.

To handle these situations properly, a property manager may ask for documentation that the disability exists and creates a need for a service animal. The landlord can not ask specifically what the disability is.

If the animal is determined to be a pet, then the landlord can deny any breed or animal in accordance with their pet policies.

Navigating the Fair Housing Laws With Professional DFW Property Management Services

Because Fair Housing Laws can be tricky to figure out, our professional team of property managers are available to help you understand your rights as a landlord, and respect the rights of your potential tenants. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with the law and acting accordingly. For help understanding and following rules laid out by the Fair Housing Act, conact us today!