Fort Worth Property Management Companies and Early Movers

Occasionally, the professionals working at various Fort Worth property management companies have to handle unique situations. This is even true for those who provide their own Fort Worth property management services. Every tenant is unique and has a different situation and sometimes this shows during the leasing process. One of these situations is when a future renter asks if their family can move in early.

For a lot of new investors, this seems a little odd. After all, why would a tenant ask Fort Worth property management companies if his family can move in a few days early? Well, the most common reason is because most leases end at the end of the month and new leases don’t start until the first of the month. Therefore, when a tenant prepares to leave one property and move to another rental, he/she will be out of a “home” for a couple days while they are between leases.

So, to solve the problem, many renters ask their new property managers in Fort Worth if they can move in early. How this issue is handled depends entirely on the firm, as various Fort Worth property management companies have different policies for this. If you are your Fort Worth property manager, you have a couple options.

First, you can say no and make them wait it out, but this may backfire since they are going to be your new tenants. Therefore, the next option is to allow the early birds to move in a couple days ahead of schedule. Now, if you opt to do the latter, make sure your lease is very clear about the details surrounding the new move-in date.

You want to make sure the lease addresses any prorated lease amount for the extra days and what the agreement is regarding when the updates/repairs normally made before move-in will be made. This will protect both you and your renter if a disagreement arises later. The fact is it’s not wrong to allow renters to move in early, but if you do so, make sure your interests are protected.