Fair Housing Rules: Are You In Compliance?

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Accepting or rejecting tenant applications isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to be extremely careful when making tenant selections not to overlook any fair housing rules. Making a decision based on potentially discriminating application questions could ultimately lead to non-compliance fines. Arlington, TX property management companies absolutely must train their property staff and managers to be aware of all facets of the Fair Housing legislation to ensure you are in compliance.

Marketing Compliance

When trying to tailor an advertisement to a particular group of people, you may inadvertently be excluding another group. For example, when advertising that your property is perfect for senior citizens, it can appear that you are discriminating against families. It’s not easy to even approach marketing when potential discrimination is around every corner of property management. The Arlington, TX Real Property Managers at Specialized Property Management Specialized can guide you through your marketing strategies, so you avoid any discriminatory pitfalls.

Tenant Selection Compliance

Applications can cover information about an individual’s background, including financial history, criminal records, and sex offender charges. Questions that help you in understanding the applicant’s financial reliability like employment and credit checks are also acceptable. You can even ask for information about why the applicant is moving and how many people will live in the residence. But questions surrounding race or disabilities are not appropriate and can quickly cross legal bounds and violate Fair Housing laws.

Service Animal Compliance

Like marketing and tenant selection, to slip into language with your property policies that are non-compliant. Here’s an example: A landlord does not allow pets in a rental unit, and the application clearly marked the rule. While filling out the application, a potential tenant asks if there are exceptions to this policy. The landlord replies, “no.” In less than a minute, this landlord may have innocently stumbled into non-compliance. By giving a sweeping “no” to all animals, this statement includes services animals. Service animals are exceptions to pet policies and individuals with disabilities cannot be denied housing because of their service animal.
As the leader of Arlington, TX property management companies, Specialized Specialized Property Management keeps you compliant with all federal and local laws and regulations. For more information about this and our other services, find us at www.specializeddallas.com