Property Management McKinney


Don’t Be Caught Unawares


Evictions are often unexpected, but they are always costly. Too many inexperienced rental property owners learn the hard way that collections and evictions are a part of Mckinney property management. Standard court fees are just the beginning. A contested eviction can take months to resolve, draining your profit and cash flow. Any mistakes in filing paperwork or breaking federal laws, regulations or ordinances can cause expensive delays for property management. McKinney landlords should remember they don’t have to face the eviction process alone.


Tips to Avoid Eviction Processes


Specialized Property Management offers a comprehensive Eviction Protection Plan, which covers the expenses from paperwork filing, legal fees, and court costs in connection with unlawful detainer action. For a low monthly fee, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected by the top Mckinney property management company. This program substantially reduces your financial risk, and covers the cost of serving the tenant through constables or sheriffs. McKinney property management owners can rely on our decades of experience.

We also offer services that rigorously screen tenants with thorough background checks. Application screening can increase protection for you and your rental property. Checking credit, criminal, employment, and rental history will greatly reduce the risk of future eviction. But even the best of tenants can fall on hard times, and legal action can become necessary.


All Situations Handled Professionally


Evictions can also take an emotional toll on owners. In extreme situations, landlords might threaten tenants or use unethical collection policies. This can lead to even more legal difficulties like lawsuits, financial loss, and possible damage to the rental property. Specialized Property Management is the McKinney property management professionals that approach evictions with proficiency and professionalism. We also offer comprehensive services with support from our in-house legal counsel when an eviction becomes necessary. Specialized Property Management has the experience, experts, and everything else you need to keep your McKinney property management running smoothly. Call us today to get started!