Nextdoor, the newest social network for residents to discover their communities, conducted a recent survey on the state of the American Neighborhood. They studied how the simple act of getting to know your neighbors makes the community in which you live a safer place. For Dallas property managers, these findings may help you encourage your tenants to get to know their neighbors, be involved in the community, and help make it a safer place for your investment property.

A Matter of Manners

Do you know your neighbors by name? According the survey ⅓ of Americans don’t! An increase in community safety could start with an increase of neighbors getting to know one another. In fact, studies show that unfriendliness can turn around to haunt you as 60 percent of people don’t take proper safety precautions when leaving town, and not knowing your neighbor does not encourage them to watch out for your property when you are away.

The following behaviors illustrate how people fail to take caution when leaving town:

  • 38 percent of people don’t alert a neighbor when they are leaving town
  • 12 percent allow the mailbox to overflow
  • 10 percent make social media announcements that they are leaving
  • 8 percent don’t take the time to ensure windows and doors are locked before leaving

Who’s Behind the Fence?

Because homeowners and tenant residents alike are failing to take these safety precautions, getting to know their neighbors would ensure a safer feeling on the homefront when out of town. By knowing a neighbor, he may be more willing to hold your mail for your until you are back, and keep an eye on the property for suspicious activities. They may even be willing to care for pets, plants and other household needs.

Studies show that 72% of people feel confident that knowing their neighbors will help deter crime by constantly watching out for one another and suspicious activity at the home. Almost half of those who do know their neighbors state they will not consider moving due to this fact.

Why Dallas Property Managers Should Encourage Tenants to Know Neighbors

As a Dallas property manager, encouraging your tenants to know their neighborhoods may also help protect your valuable investment by keeping the neighbors on alert when the tenant is away from the property.