DIY Property Management in Dallas Creating Headaches for Local Neighborhoods

Poor property management is contributing to eyesore properties across North Texas

August 2, 2015 (Dallas, TX) – Investing in real estate has usually been a safe bet, over the last 50 years. While it has it’s ups and downs, for most investors, real estate is something that can be counted on.

However, with the rise of more investors come a similar set of DIY property managers. The downside of these DIY property managers is that they often don’t have the time or the resources to properly manage a rental property. That results in tenants for these properties that are poorly screened, inconsistent maintenance on the property and a host of other issues. This causes problems for home values in the neighborhoods where DIY property managers have taken root—leading to lower valued homes.

“The opportunity for real estate investment remains strong,” says so and so, EVP of such and such. “The problem that we’re facing now in real estate and property investment is so many DIY property managers who don’t realize that by not hiring a good property management company, they’re sentencing their property to an early breakdown. It’s time that we educate these DIY property managers on the true value of having a property management company.”

With property management in Fort Worth having many options, the point, experts say, is to simply pick one that best suits the long term goals of the investor. Whether it’s a full service property management shop or a slightly more modest firm, the choices are out there. The key for many is to simply hire one.

“Most long term investors in real estate say you can’t realize a good return on your property without a good property management team,” says so and so. “They’re not just invaluable, they are necessary for a successful investment.”

For property management in Dallas and Fort Worth, as the market continues to provide a seemingly endless supply of renters, the trick will be to find the right kind of property management firm to partner with.

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