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When you think about the number of people living fairly close to each other, it can seem amazing how well we all get along most of the time. We have different backgrounds, different likes and dislikes, and different ways of doing things. A good DFW property management company understands that people are different, and when these differences clash a neighborhood can seem not so neighborly anymore. Loud noise, blocked views, garbage issues, pet annoyances, or chatty children can cause conflicts even between good neighbors. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your neighborhood as friendly as possible.


Get to Know the Neighbors

How well do you really know your neighbors? A Pew Research survey in 2010 asked that question to Americans and found that the majority of adults only knew some or none of their neighbors’ names. Other statistics suggest that most of us only trust half of our neighbors. Making the effort to know your neighbors, finding out about their professions, their children’s names, or common interests, is more than just being neighborly. People that know each other create safer and friendlier neighborhoods as well as cut down on neighborhood conflicts.


Be Friendly First

Even with good neighbors, conflicts and disagreements can still happen. Before you start throwing rocks over the fence, try a friendly, open communication approach. Specialized Property Management DFW has the experience to know that one of the major reasons for conflict with neighbors is unwanted noise. Friendly communication can hopefully take care of conflicts. If diplomacy doesn’t work, a neutral third party can help mediate the problem.


Final Conflict Solutions

If communication and mediation can’t resolve a conflict, residents can take their problems to court. When this is your only option, you leave any final decision up to a judge and will have court costs to pay. Going to court is not a cheap solution. Of course, the ultimate solution for some conflicts, sadly, is simply to move.

Some neighborhood battles have been big enough to make it into the news. Conflict seems to be human nature, but with the help from experienced Dallas property management teams, your neighborhood conflicts can be resolved quickly and bring the neighborhood peace again.


Specialized Property Management can take on the hassles of DFW property management for you, including dealing with neighborhood conflict resolution. We help educate tenants at the time of lease signing about renting expectations to prevent conflict with neighbors in the first place. We also help tenants who experience problems with their neighbors. Let us put our expert team to work for you today. Find us at (www.specializeddallas.com)