DFW is a Hot Market Nationally and 4 Other Real Estate Trends

Realtor.com calls DFW market the second hottest market in the country behind only Waco, TX.

August 2, 2015 (Dallas, TX) – With the explosion of the DFW real estate market, there are benefits for homeowners, buyers, sellers and even renters as the summer buying season comes roaring to a close. Better still, the market shows little sign of slowing down, meaning that real estate will continue to be a sound investment. Here are five trends to look out for in DFW real estate over the next few months.

  1. Homes won’t stay on the market long – The median age of housing inventory is 62 days according to realtor.com—41 days shorter than the national average of 103.
  1. Demand is overtaking supply – With a short supply of homes, that means sellers can take advantage of a huge market opportunity. For investors and property management in Fort Worth, this means they can rent their properties out for higher values, increasing their margins.
  1. Prices continue to rise – Since it’s a seller’s market, prices will continue to grow, sometimes with double digit gains. That’s a significant gain for owners and investors alike.
  1. Volume of sales will skyrocket – Many experts are predicting that there may be the largest sales volume of houses in DFW in over 50 years. Because of higher prices and increased demand though, don’t expect those houses to come cheap.
  1. Employment opportunities will continue to fuel growth – DFW is one of the hottest sectors for growth in the technology market so expect to see the continued increase in prices and shortage of property in DFW. For investors, this means that getting a property or two secured now may reap serious dividends later on.

This is all good news for sellers and investors alike. In addition, for property management in Plano and elsewhere, the opportunities to service real estate investors looms as a tremendous opportunity. And as rapid employment continues to fuel growth, the market will continue to boom.