Dallas Residential Property Management: Seven Specialized Guarantees

At Specialized Property Management in Dallas, we only make promises to our customers that we know we can keep. We are leaders in professional Dallas residential property management that believe strongly in protecting our owners from the typical pressures that come along with rental property ownership. That’s why we back our service with the Seven Specialized Guarantees-seven serious promises that allow our clients greater peace of mind and a more stress-free ownership experience. 

Guarantee #1: 10-Month Quality Tenant Guarantee

Finding quality tenants can be a huge hassle in the property management business. That’s why we screen all potential tenants by checking criminal, credit, income, employment, and rental history. Our tenant screening complies with all discrimination laws and fair credit reporting acts while verifying a combined tenant income of at least three times the rent rate. We’ll also talk to previous landlords and find out what condition the tenant left the property in to make sure you’re getting a tenant who is responsible and conscientious. Overall, our tenants have less collection and eviction issues and stay at a rental property longer than others. 

Our 10-month quality tenant guarantee ensures that any tenant placed by our team is backed by us for the first ten months. That means we will cover the cost of replacing any tenant who breaks their lease without complying with the terms of the lease. This guarantee will not cover previous tenants, any tenants placed by the owner or another property manager, military tenants who must move due to orders or transfers, or tenants who abide by the terms of their lease in breaking the lease by paying all required fees.

Guarantee #2: Eviction Protection Guarantee 

We believe our tenant screening process is effective in preventing most evictions, and in fact we have the lowest eviction rate in the DFW metroplex, with less than 1% of our placed tenants resulting in an eviction. Unfortunately, evictions can still happen in certain circumstances in Dallas residential property management. When an eviction is necessary, you can expect an average total loss of approximately $4,950 on a $1,000/month rental. In case of an unexpected eviction, we’ll cover the cost with our Eviction Protection Guarantee. 

For the first 10 months of the management agreement, if an eviction is necessary, you won’t have to pay anything for it. We’ll cover the cost and handle everything for you. The eviction process can take an emotional toll, but our guarantee promises that you won’t need to worry about the financial one. 

When your tenant reaches the 11th month of residence, you can continue to protect yourself through our Eviction Protection Plan for only $14 per month. Our EPP covers the costs of filing fees, legal fees, and court costs for unlawful detainer actions plus the cost of a Writ of Possession. As one of our rental property owners, you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars for these services. We promise we’ll put in the required time and provide proper legal expertise to save you from a lot of worry and stress.

Guarantee #3: Dallas Residential Property Management Price Match Guarantee

Our Specialized team believes that professional property management in Dallas should be comprehensive as well as affordable. That’s why we will gladly match the price of any competitor’s price for equivalent property management services. Find another property management team who claims to provide the same services we do at a cheaper price and we’ll match it!  All you have to do is bring in a proposal from the competitor and bring it to your Specialized representative before signing your management agreement. This guarantee is only applicable to new contracts and is not retroactive.

Guarantee #4: Legal & Accounting Compliance Guarantee

Some new rental property managers are intimidated by all the fair housing, property code, and other landlord/tenant regulations they need to know before renting out their first residence. At Specialized Property Management in Dallas, we know how important it is to keep in compliance with these rules and codes and not overlook anything. There are even complex accounting procedures that need to be followed in order to keep you out of legal trouble. We protect our rental owners from serious financial and legal risk with a firm guarantee that:

1. Your home will comply with all municipal, state, and federal laws.

2. Your financials will successfully meet all the criteria required by the State Department of Real Estate and all CPA GAAP regulations.

3. Your records will be in order in case of a regulatory audit. 

We promise to help you avoid the hefty legal fines that come along with violation of any of the required regulations by keeping you in compliance. This guarantee brings peace of mind and assurance to so many of our clients.

Guarantee #5: Customer for Life Price Guarantee 

You may think you’ll save money in the long run if you try to self-manage your rental property, but our experience has shown that that’s just not the case. Many of our rental property owners are former DIY landlords who can’t afford to keep self-managing. As a result, they turn to us for help.

As leaders in Dallas residential property management, we strive to provide our clients with an affordable management fee that won’t break the bank. We know a lot of companies agree to one fee, and then automatically increase it annually. We value our customers, and think you deserve better than that. Our Customer for Life Price Guarantee means we’ll lock in the fee terms in your service agreement for a period of three years with zero increase. This allows our customers to budget for the future without worrying about potential fee increases. If during that three-year period you acquire additional rental properties, we promise to honor your initial fee for those properties as well. 

Guarantee #6: Money-Back Guarantee 

What if you come to us for professional property management help, and you’re not satisfied with our services? At SPM Dallas, we do everything we can to maintain productive relationships with our clients, but we understand that situations can arise in which our comprehensive services are no longer needed. Our Money-Back Guarantee states that if you are not satisfied with our services in the first 60 days, your first two months of management fees will be refunded. 

We promise we’ll let you go without hassle, hard feelings, or cancellation fees. Simply ensure that any vendor invoices are paid in full, and provide us with 90 days written notice. That way, we can facilitate a smooth transfer of service for both you and your tenant, while ensuring that we help you meet all your legal and financial requirements.

Guarantee #7: 100% Customer Satisfaction

With over 30 years of experience in property management in Dallas, our team at Specialized wants you to be 100% satisfied with our services. Our 100% satisfaction commitment means we will do all we can to exceed your expectations, or we will make it right. Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us:

“SPM was very responsive and did a wonderful job at representing my rental property.  You can tell it’s truly a team atmosphere that has your back as an owner and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to rent their property.” – Google Review from Lauren Marchica

“I highly recommend Specialized Property Management (“SPM”).  I managed a rental property in the DFW metroplex, myself, for close to 3 years.  After SPM took over, that property’s revenue generation increased significantly; I no longer had the burden of maintenance and tenant calls; and SPM’s online portal made bookkeeping/tax prep a breeze.  But what really distinguishes SPM (and prompted me to write this review) is their customer service. It. Is. Excellent. My account with them was for a SINGLE property. They treated me like I was their largest account, and I always felt like they were on top of even the smallest issues.  SPM didn’t ask for my trust … they earned it.” – Google Review from Steve Pocsik

“I’ve been utilizing Specialized Property Management for over one year to manage several rental properties within my portfolio.  Specialized has done a great job in being responsive to my inquiries and accommodating to my requests. Specialized provides competitive rates while maintaining a high level of service to both tenants and owners.  I’ve had very few maintenance requests from tenants, in which all requests were responded to by Specialized in a timely and professional manner. Specialized has also significantly increased my overall returns by extending leases with current tenants and leasing properties at a rate much higher than initially projected.  Overall, I’ve had a great experience with Specialized and plan to continue utilizing their services to manage my growing portfolio.” – Google Review from Matthew Hite

At Specialized Property Management in Dallas, we strive to provide an exceptional level of service at an affordable price. We take the hassle out of managing a rental property to make your life easier. Our superior customer service, unmatched experience, proven team, and more thorough processes protect your pocket-book long-term while giving you greater peace of mind. Ask one of our professional team members about how we can serve YOU! CALL 214-233-7572 TODAY!