Dallas Rental Property Management: Preventing Crime and Keeping the Peace

This is the time of year for cooler weather, hot chocolate, spending time with family, and also more disturbances and crime! During the holiday months, burglaries and thefts rise with people going out of town who forget to keep their home safe while they’re away. This is also the time of year when people throw a lot of noisy holiday parties, causing tension levels to rise among neighbors. 

At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we strive to give you peace of mind as your professional Dallas rental property management team. Here are some tips to share with your tenant on how to keep your rental property safe and secure during the holidays and avoid conflict with your neighbors. 

Creating a Safe Neighborhood: Tips Before You Leave Town


Getting excited about the holiday road trip you’ve been planning for months? Before you leave, double check that all locks in your home are secure. Most burglars will think twice about breaking into a home if the locks are tight. Make sure your doors and windows are all locked and not easy to pry open. Each exterior door should have a deadbolt lock for added security. Most people don’t lock the garage door that allows inside access to the home, but if you will be gone for awhile, take that extra precaution and lock it. Remove all garage door openers from cars parked in the driveway and store them in a safe place (or even take them with you!). If you have a spare key hidden under the doormat, remove it before you go.

Contact the USPS to Stop Your Mail

Depending on how long you’ll be gone, either get a trusted friend or neighbor to check your mail for you, or contact the post office to stop your mail for awhile. Burglars tend to look for signs you’re out of town before breaking and entering, so don’t give them the obvious clue of an overstuffed mailbox. If you’re expecting any packages while you’re gone, ask a friend to either pick it up for you, or ask the post office if you can have it held there until you are able to go and retrieve it.

Dallas Rental property Management Suggests: Get Rid of Outside Hiding Places

If you have large, tall shrubbery or trees on your property, you may want to think about removing them or trimming them down to size. These areas are excellent places for burglars and thieves to conceal themselves. Keep outdoor items like grills in a backyard shed or bring them in at night so they won’t become hiding places.

Buy a Few Timers

Installing timers on your lights and lamps is a simple and affordable way to make it look like someone is at home. Have the timers switch on the lights at different times much like you would do on a regular evening. You can also add timers to your TV!

Communicate with Your Landlord

If your landlord lives nearby, tell them dates you expect to be out of town. If no one is available to house sit the property, ask your landlord to swing by the rental home every few days to make sure everything is in order. Your landlord will appreciate the extra effort to keep their rental property safe and secure. 

Rental Property Management Dallas: Crime Prevention Advice for Property Owners

Invest in a Security System

If crime is a regular problem in the neighborhood where your rental home is located, you might want to go ahead and install a reliable security system. Nowadays you don’t even have to sign a contract with a security company, you can purchase a home security system from a local retailer such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Just adding a camera to the front area of your home can give your tenant that added assurance they need. Leave your tenant instructions on how to use the security system so they won’t call you in a panic if they set it off accidentally. 

Buy Motion Lights

Tenants should always have their porch lights on at night, but you can also add motion sensitive security lights that will go off and deter thieves. Placing motion lights near walkways that lead to exterior doors and anywhere else you think might be beneficial is a smart solution in Dallas rental property management.

Screen Tenants

If you don’t take the time to effectively screen your tenants before they move in, you may have a thief living on your property! Comprehensive tenant screening of criminal and rental history before lease signing can help discover if your potential tenant has committed any previous thefts or burglaries. 

Creating a Peaceful Neighborhood

At SPM Dallas, we want our tenants to feel their rental unit is a peaceful home. Noise problems can easily escalate with tempers and misunderstandings. Loud noise, blocked views, garbage issues, pet annoyances, or chatty children can cause conflicts even between good neighbors. With clear leasing policies, good communication, and skilled conflict resolution, renters can experience peace and relaxation in their home. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your neighborhood as friendly as possible.

Get to Know the Neighbors

How well do you really know your neighbors? A Pew Research survey in 2010 asked that question to Americans and found that the majority of adults only knew some or none of their neighbors’ names. Other statistics suggest that most of us only trust half of our neighbors. Making the effort to know your neighbors, finding out about their professions, their children’s names, or common interests, is more than just being neighborly. Don’t forget to keep your neighbors in the loop, especially if something about your property directly impacts them. People that know each other create safer and friendlier neighborhoods as well as cut down on neighborhood conflicts.

Be Friendly First

Even with good neighbors, conflicts and disagreements can still happen in Dallas rental property management. Before you start throwing rocks over the fence, try a friendly, open communicative approach. One of the most common reasons for conflict between neighbors is unwanted noise. Friendly communication can take care of conflicts and nip them in the bud. If diplomacy doesn’t work, a neutral third party can help mediate the problem.

Keep Your Property Looking Nice

Your neighbors will be less likely to have problems with you if you keep your yard looking nice and don’t let the grass and weeds get too high. Regular inspections should be conducted by your property management company to ensure you are maintaining the curb appeal on your rental property. If the rental property you live in is part of an HOA community, be aware of the standards and policies you’re expected to follow and stay in compliance.

Control Your Pet

Pet-friendly policies also need to be neighborhood friendly policies. Keeping messes and noise from pets under control keeps the neighbors happy. No one wants to hear a barking dog all night long or in the early hours of the morning. Rental property management Dallas suggests being courteous and respectful of your neighbors by training your pet to behave. If you take your pet on a walk around the neighborhood, clean up any waste he or she may leave behind. A sure way to anger a neighbor is by allowing your pet to defecate in their yard and not clean it up. 

Be Aware of Smoking Policies

Dallas rental property management tenants should avoid smoking close to a neighbor’s property. Being respectful of the space of others, especially when children are around, helps avoid conflicts. Dispose of all cigarette butts in the proper receptacles and not just in the yard or on the ground. 

Rely on Your Professional Property Management

Your SPM Dallas team will help educate tenants at the time of lease signing about rental expectations to prevent conflict with neighbors in the first place. We’ll discuss noise expectations, quiet hours, and penalties for noise policy violations with your tenants so everything is understood before they move in. Often good communication can resolve most situations before a full blown problem occurs. We keep up to date on local noise ordinances and curfew laws in the area, such as the following Dallas, TX, Noise Ordinance:


“No person shall make or cause to be made any loud and raucous noise in the city which is offensive to the ordinary sensibilities of the inhabitants of the city, which noise renders the enjoyment of life or property uncomfortable or interferes with public peace and comfort.” (Ord. 13744) –From Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

If communication and mediation can’t resolve a conflict, residents can take their problems to court. When this is your only option, you leave any final decision up to a judge and will have court costs to pay. 

At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we take away the hassles of Dallas rental property management. We’ll help you deal with safety and security around your rental property, including crime prevention and dealing with neighborhood conflict resolution. We are known as the best property management company in the DFW metroplex!

“I wish I had hired Specialized months ago. They have been very courteous and fast with tenant responses and keep me updated on everything. Will definitely be using them with future rentals.”– Google review from Blake B. 

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