What kind of tenants do you have? In the Dallas real estate management business, you’ll probably get a lot of golden tenants. But every so often you’ll have a tenant come along who is less than consistent about paying rent. How soon can you evict your irresponsible tenant and should you be in a rush to do it?

Know the Circumstances

Most landlords do not hurry to evict a tenant the first month a rent payment is missed. It is not in your best interest as an investor to kick out your tenant the minute they miss a rent payment (though Texas law states that technically you can go this route). It could be there was a family emergency or some other valid reason. Smart owners communicate with their tenant and find out why rent was late and talk about how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Ok, You’ve Talked to Your Tenant, But There’s Still No Payment!

After you talk to your tenant via email or phone, make sure that you also notify them in writing about the late rent payment. It’s a good idea to keep careful documents of every part of the process in case you eventually have to go to court. If you’ve waited for days and your tenant still hasn’t paid, then you can give your tenant a Notice to Vacate. Dallas real estate management owners must include certain information on the notice such as the name of the tenant, the reason for the notice, and the date it was served to the tenant for it to be considered valid in court.

Protect Yourself and Your Property With Our Eviction Protection Plan

The Eviction Protection Plan from Specialized Property Management Dallas will protect you in case of an eviction, so you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork and hassle. You can also contact our in-house legal team if you have any questions about a potential eviction.

At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we are the leader in Dallas real estate management. When your tenant stops paying rent, we can guide you through all of the proper actions to take. We do everything we can to help you succeed as a rental property owner. Landlords choose us because we know this business inside and out. Give us a call today!