Dallas Real Estate Management Company Answers: Can Lease Agreements be Stopped Due to the Property Conditions?

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The world of Dallas rental management can be an exciting one, but can often be overwhelming to owners who choose to self-manage. One question we hear at our Dallas real estate management office is when do you have the right to terminate a lease due to property conditions. Let’s take a look at what a lease entails to give a solid answer to this question.

What’s in a Lease?

A lease is a legal agreement between two parties which outlines how each should conduct themselves while the lease is in effect. City or state entities may need to step in to resolve a conflict between tenant and landlord and dictate certain aspects of the lease agreement. When this happens, the city or state may restrict the Dallas rental management company from entering into lease contracts until a certain condition is met.

Property Condition DOES Matter

In a recent Dallas-Fort Worth tenant-landlord dispute case, the managers of an apartment building had been told they were no longer legally allowed to enter into lease agreements until the property condition was brought up to code. According to reports, the building in question was not only infested with bugs and rodents but also had plumbing and sewage issues that led to raw sewage being leaked into the apartment homes in the building. Other reports cited problematic windows and faulty smoke detectors, and that despite city inspections, conditions at the building were falling into further disrepair. City officials have issued citations and revoked the certificate of occupancy until the building has been brought up to code.


While tenant-landlord disputes are not uncommon, both parties named in the lease need to know their legal rights when it comes to breaking their lease agreement. Property condition is a major concern for both sides, as is performing required maintenance promptly. Dallas rental property owners who allow their units to fall into disrepair are not following good business practices and would benefit from the services provided by a professional Dallas rental management company like Specialized Property Management.
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