With millennials driving the shift to renting over buying, often, Dallas property managers need to retarget their efforts to please this large generation of renters. Studies show that millennials are more likely to choose a home that protects the environment, and has energy efficient upgrades throughout the home. These upgrades will not only attract the quality of renters, but also will save Dallas property managers money in the long run.

Have Energy Vampires Sucked Your Home Dry?

In the past, detecting where energy is being wasted involved costly and time-consuming methods. However, Persistent Efficiency, a new power manufacturer, developed the first stick-on electrical sub meter that is designed to offer property managers an inside look into their energy usage, and detect where energy is being wasted.

The device, dubbed “The Power Patch,” easily attaches to the circuit breaker and detects electric current and voltage information. This allows property managers access to data showing them what appliances use the most energy, and where energy is being wasted.

As if that data is not valuable enough, the Power Patch also detects equipment that is malfunctioning, or inefficient and alerts the property manager to a possible need for preventative maintenance. This feature is enough to save Dallas property managers thousand over the course of its life.

The device is currently in beta mode, but should be reaching broader distribution markets by early 2016. To fill the needs and wants that millennials are attracted to, investing in any energy efficient appliances or devices is a bonus that Dallas property managers should consider.