As the millennial generation is changing the way America looks at rent by being a generation of renters, Dallas property managers ask “what do Millennials really want in a rental property?” J Turner Research recently surveyed this generation of renters to find the answer to that questions.

What Influences Millennial Rental Decisions?

When asked about the top priorities impacting rental decisions, millennials ranked location, quality of home, and price point as their top concerns. Respondents also stated that aspects enhancing their quality of life were a priority as well, specifically commute times, proximity to public transportation, value for the price and the condition of the space they would be renting.

Deal Breakers

Millennials rental decisions can be swayed by the amenities (or lack thereof) the property has to offer. Homes that Feature abundant storage space, washer and dryers in the home, and a modest outdoor space make the list of “must haves.”

The list continues to include luxury amenities such as an on-site gym, ample parking spaces (covered most desirable), and access to a pool. These luxury items are not considered deal breakers, but certainly could help a millennial be attracted to the property.

Meet Millennial Renter Demands

With millennial renters representing a huge portion of the rental market, property managers would do well to give in to their demands and feature items they are looking for. While you may not be able to install a pool, or have access to a gym, there are a few simple demands that are easy to offer including making the property Wi-Fi friendly, and updating the appliances, kitchen counters, flooring and lighting fixtures. While this does not need to happen all at once these small changes are attractive to new renters.

Knowledge is Power

By knowing what your renters or prospective tenants are looking for, you can maintain your property in a way that meets the demands of this new generation of renters. Attracting renters will help decrease your vacancy days by leasing the property to a tenant who desires to stay long term.