In the age old debate to rent or buy and which is more beneficial, our Dallas property manager led team shares their favorite benefits available to renters.

Why Buy When You Can RENT?

The benefits of renting according to the pros (professional property managers, that is):


  1. Freedom to be mobile. Thought most younger renters nowadays are committing to their rental homes for at least two years, they don’t have to worry about being tied down to a mortgage and are able to move when needed (or wanted).
  2. Yard work is not your responsibility. This may depend on your lease agreement, but the trend is shifting more to the landlord maintaining the yard.
  3. Smaller Spaces, smaller bills. Depending on the size of your rental home, your utility bills may be smaller as well. OFtentimes some of the utilities will either be covered by your monthly rent, or split between you and the landlord.
  4. Maintenance and repairs are not up to you. Leaky faucet, running toilet or furnace in need of repair. The only finger you have to lift is to call your property manager.
  5. You may be able to afford rent in places you you could not buy. Rental rates may vary, but make the city accessible in areas you would not otherwise be able to live in.
  6. Dreams become realities. Even with rising rent rates, without a down payment or mortgage payment the extra cash can go to retirement savings, traveling, or other items on your bucket list.


What Do Decisions Made By Generation Rent Mean for A Dallas Property Manager?

Whatever benefits your tenant feels come with renting, you can use them as a selling point when showing your property. With such a large generation feeling that renting is the way to go, your property management portfolio has the potential for major increases.

For questions about how to benefit from this generation of renters through managing property, or any other property management questions you may have, contact the leader in Dallas property management, Specialized Property Management Dallas

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