Dallas Property Management: RentMoney Program for Tenants

Not everyone likes to pay for things the same way. Maybe you grew up writing checks for everything, or you’ve always preferred using your debit card over your credit card any day of the week. We live in an era where there are so many different ways to pay for your everyday bills and necessities. In Dallas property management, most landlords elect to not accept cash for rental homes in Dallas, but sometimes for tenants, cash is the easiest way to pay and keep track of their budget. At Specialized Property Management Dallas, RentMoney is a new payment platform that offers tenants and landlords more payment options for their convenience. With RentMoney, you can now take cash payments and convert them into a secure ACH electronic transaction, fully integrated with your Property Management Company’s information. 

The First Step: Generating a Tenant Voucher

Before you can turn your cash into an ACH transaction, you’ll need to log into your Tenant Portal. Once you see the home screen, you’ll want to click on the “My Payments” tab at the top of the page and scroll to find the option for “Make a One-Time Payment”. Click on this option, and then you’ll see all of the payment options offered to you, now including the cash payment option. To select this option, click on the bubble to the left and then click “Continue.”

You can either pay the full balance or, if your Dallas property management company accepts partial payments, you can enter in the amount you want to pay instead. Next, you will click “Cash Payment Voucher” to print out your specific payment voucher. You can either print or save an electronic copy to your mobile device.

Next: Where to Take Your Cash & Voucher

On the voucher, you’ll see the Biller Name (RentMoney), your Account Number, your Name, Payment Amount, Bill Payment Fee (3.75) and the Total Payment Amount. The account code generated on your voucher is a unique number that will never be changed or duplicated for another tenant – and is what ties your cash payment to your tenant ledger. Once you have your tenant voucher, you’ll need to figure out which payment center is close to your location. There are over 25,000 participating U.S. Retail locations who partner with CheckFeePay where you can take your voucher and cash. Click on “Search Payment Centers” and type in your zip code to see which location option is convenient for you. Most popular retail stores such as WalMart, Kroger, Fiesta, etc participate in CheckFreePay.

Last Step: Paying Your RentMoney Bill

Once you arrive at the payment location, all you have to do is hand your payment voucher to the employee and tell them you want to pay your RentMoney bill. The employee will then process your transaction for your payment, along with a $3.75 bill payment fee collected at the time of payment. Once complete, Specialized Property Management Dallas will immediately see the transaction reflected on your ledger. You will receive a payment receipt from the in-store employee and through your email.

Dallas Property Management Made Easier

Tenants will find that paying rent with RentMoney is convenient, fast, and stress-free. With RentMoney there is no more need to worry about a check clearing the bank or forgetting to cancel a credit card. It’s as easy as taking the cash you have and turning it into a secure ACH payment. Your team at Specialized Property Management Dallas wants to make life easier for both tenants and landlords by providing this new, convenient payment option. 

We know that rent collection can be a frustrating part of this business as a landlord if not handled in a professional and straightforward manner. That’s why at SPM Dallas we:

  • Set expectations early.
  • Establish professional but tough collection processes.
  • Remind tenants immediately if rent is late.
  • Rely on technology to ensure no time is wasted.
  • Stay up to date on the relevant laws and regulations, particularly time-sensitive clauses.
  • When evictions are necessary, take effective action to minimize rent-free days.
  • Finally, let the process, not emotions, dictate our actions. 

If you’re a property owner with multiple rental homes in Dallas, we’ll make your life easier with  our proven processes and over 25 years of experience in property management. 

“The Specialized Property Management team has never let us down. They truly are a full scope property management company and have the professionalism and experience you need. As an out of state investor, my wife and I are always satisfied knowing that they are not just supporting our needs, but also confident that they will do right for our tenants and our properties.  To summarize, I would have to say the best way I could describe their service to us is “reliable”. In the last twelve months that we have received property management services from Specialized Property Management, there has not been a single situation they were not fully capable of addressing.” – Google review from Daniel Brown

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