It’s no secret that property management can be overwhelming for some, especially if they are doing it on their own. When Dallas property managers are starting out, often the first management task to be overlooked is regular inspections of the property. By placing this on the back burner, you are doing yourself a disservice, and also your tenants, and the property you manage. One reason we have become the leading Dallas property management company is because we conduct regular inspections of the inside and outside of our managed properties, a task that often ends up saving time, money and headache.

Dallas Property Managers Ask: What to Inspect When You’re Inspecting?

When our expert Dallas property management team performs inspections, we take a qualified home inspector with us to get the job done right. While at the home, the inspector ensures lease compliance by inspecting and verifying the following items:

  • Plumbing- check for any noticeable leaks, and ensure water heater is working appropriately
  • Appliances- verify furnace, air conditioner, and any other major appliances are in good working order
  • Proactive Maintenance– attend to any repairs needed before they become worse and cost more
  • Ensure Lease Compliance– Verify number of occupants, number and types of pets on the property, smoking (if not allowed)

While walking through the home during an inspection, be sure to take photos of items needing repair and any new damage to the property. Any issues with compliance can be addressed in writing after the inspection has been completed.


Inspection Tips from the Leading Dallas Property Management Company

When Dallas property managers conduct regular property inspections, it shows their tenants that they care about the property, and the tenants are likely to follow suit. These inspections should be scheduled quarterly and have the inspection schedule communicated to new tenants when the lease is signed. When advance notice is provided, many tenants will be happy to go through an inspection as a way to keep their home in good working order.

The first inspection takes place during move in. Our Dallas property management company prefers to walk through the home with the new tenant, documenting any existing damage and taking pictures to put on file. Any pictures taken during our property inspections are uploaded to the owners portal as a way of keeping communication transparent.

During regularly scheduled inspections, our expert Dallas property managers verify lease compliance, check for any new damage to the property, and look for maintenance issues that need attention. These inspections should be scheduled regularly and take place at least semi-annually.

Finally, when a tenant is ready to move out, a final walk through is performed. This is the Dallas property managers final opportunity to walk through the property with the tenant and note the condition it is being left in. Supporting photographs and notes are again taken and recorded in the home owners online portal.

By approaching Dallas property management with regular inspections as part of the lease, property managers are protecting their investment from damage by being proactive, keeping their tenants happy (and hopefully willing to stay longer), and themselves. If conducting regular inspections is not your forte, contact the leading Dallas property management company for help with this important aspect of property management.