Property Management Dallas

For residential landlords who are looking for expert Property Management, Dallas-based Specialized Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth can relieve the headaches associated with residential rental real estate. Advertising campaigns to find qualified tenants, collecting rent, 24-hour repair services, legal services, financial reporting and accounting are just a few of the problems landlords need help managing.

When it comes to Property Management, Dallas offers a variety of property management companies, but you need to find one that specializes in residential rental real estate and isn’t in the business of buying or selling real estate or dealing with commercial leasing. Because there are so many of these companies that are in Property Management, Dallas landlords don’t get a focused effort on their residential real estate like they would with Specialized Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth. Renting residential real estate is the only focus of their expert operational and management staff, sales and marketing team, legal and accounting experts and the reliable repair and maintenance staff.

Residential landlords who need expert services from a full-service Property Management, Dallas-based company will be relieved to know that Specialized Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth has local management teams that are in touch with the local residential rental market and manage properties with a “hands-on” approach. Through skilled sales and marketing campaigns, qualified tenants can be found who will keep rental property generating income. When you consider that properties can take 26 days to rent in top market-conditions, depending on the time of year and area vacancy rates, it is easy to see why landlords turn to the expert Property Management Dallas-based Specialized Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth can offer.

Property maintenance is performed when it is needed to stay in compliance with Texas Property Code, and property is rented and managed in compliance with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Tenants can complete online applications, and rent can be handled through electronic transfer to get the money into the accounts of landlords that need the cash flow to make mortgage payments. With a cost-based fee structure, it is easy to budget the leasing fee and monthly management fees. When it comes to Property Management, Dallas-based Specialized Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth is the company many landlords turn to.

Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth was voted number one in 2009 as a leading national residential rental property management company. With more than $150 million in managed residential rental real estate assets, the company is the Property Management Dallas landlords rely on to manage and maintain their properties. As a full-service property management company, rental properties are advertised, tenants are pre-screened with complete background checks and rent is collected effectively and transferred to owners quickly. Proper maintenance, accounting procedures and legal processes are handled, making it easier for residential landlords to enjoy effort-free income.

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