As a Dallas Property Management Company committed to helping clients reduce risk, a recent study conducted by the Specialized Property Management national office is an eye-opener.

Entire neighborhoods are at risk when do-it-yourself (DIY) landlords take on the leasing responsibility without the proper checks in place.

A recent survey was conducted by Liminality, Inc., an independent research firm, on behalf of the nationwide property management firm.   Based on a survey of 150 DIY landlords, it revealed that typically self-managing landlords tend to be more lax with background checks—if they conduct them at all.  This increases the chances of criminals—including those who may pose a threat to neighbors—being placed in a rental home.

In fact, 21% of those surveyed said that they “sometimes or never” conduct background checks on a prospective tenant.  These DIY landlords also reported these troubling patterns:

• Only 44% check for a previous sex offender

• Only 51% pull a criminal background check

• 23% “sometimes or never” require credit checks

• Only 51% call previous rental references


Why are background checks such an important part of Dallas Property Management?

Those with a criminal background have a higher risk of committing future crimes, which puts neighbors at risk.  The Bureau of Justice reported in 2014 that 76.6% of prisoners released in 2005 were re-arrested within five years.  A criminal background check helps reduce risk for both the landlord and the surrounding neighborhood.

Specialized Property Management Dallas / Fort Worth are rigorous in their background screenings for this very reason.  Strict policies are in place to ensure all tenants complete a thorough application and consent to a full background check, including credit history, employment, previous rental history, and criminal and sex offender checks.  These checks are conducted in strict compliance with local and state regulations.

“We are very surprised to learn many DIY landlords are not disciplined enough to routinely conduct background checks,” said Specialized Property Management President Don Lawby. “Not only are they risking an expensive investment in their property, but they could also compromise the well-being of their neighbors. The bottom line is if DIY landlords don’t have the time or resources to screen tenants, they should consult a property management company that can do it for them.”

Your Dallas Property Management team includes thorough tenant qualification as just one of many aspects of our complete leasing process. The goal is to reduce risk for the property owner while minimizing costs and maximizing cash flow on your rental property. If you have questions about conducting more thorough background checks on your prospective tenants, contact us at 972-233-1888.

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