Dallas Among Most Pet Friendly Cities for Renters

Property management companies in Dallas, TX have learned the value of renting to pet owners. Rather than letting a unit sit vacant because it is not pet friendly, renting to pet owners brings in extra money through “pet rent” and decreases vacancy days.

Won’t allow Fido? That’s a deal breaker…

Rental trends of the millennial generation are being highly studied, and one that has been found to be an absolute deal breaker in when property management companies in Dallas, TX do not allow pets on the premise. In fact a recent survey showed 75% of millennial renters have pets. That’s a big chunk of the market to miss out on.

According to HotPads nationwide rental data, Dallas is number one on the list for number of pet-friendly listings. The nationwide average for pet friendly listings is only 33%. Landlords with expensive rental properties are more at risk for losses the longer they sit empty which may influence their decisions to allow pets.

What does this mean for property management companies in Dallas,TX?

Allowing pets is probably another reason that the Dallas rental market is strong and attractive to young professionals or new graduates. The trend of renting with pets is changing the view that property managers have on pet policies and the pet premium charged. It also means that by allowing renters to have pets on the premises, property managers may experience fewer vacancy days.

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