Crowley property management


Specialized Property Management offers a comprehensive spectrum of services for all of your rental property needs. We can professionally manage single family rental units and multifamily complexes. If you are considering managing your property yourself, you will quickly realize the daily work, legal liabilities, and the variety of responsibilities you will be juggling. Crowley property management has its share of hassles and headaches that we can take care of for you. Let us be your trusted partner to get your management job done efficiently. Here are a few things that make us the leading Crowley property management company:


  • We are More Affordable– We let you try a professional Crowley property manager without the risk of upfront cost. We offer clear pricing and no hidden fees so you know exactly what you will pay for the services you ask for.
  • We Lease Faster– As the leader in Crowley property management, we cut down your vacancy days with our aggressive marketing strategies. Trained leasing agents respond promptly to property enquiries. And, online property images gives prospective tenants the opportunity to see your unit anytime.
  • We Thoroughly Screen Prospective Tenants– Placing high quality tenants in your rental units is important to the success of your property investment. In depth tenant screening includes credit, rental histories, employment, criminal, and sex offender checks for a better picture of the person being considered to be your tenant. Quality tenants also mean longer tenant retention.
  • We Provide Financial Peace of Mind– Our Crowley property management financial services include online rent payment options for tenants and direct deposit of funds to the owners. We also have monthly independent audits and can provide end of year statements and tax documents including 1099s.
  • We Reduce Your Risk– With our expert, in-house legal team you can have peace of mind knowing your property is up to code, your lease agreements are carefully prepared, and you are covered in the case of an eviction. With our emphasis on company ethics and integrity, you can trust our in depth knowledge of federal and local laws, codes, and regulations.
  • We Offer Transparent Communication– Having a professional Crowley property manager is more effective with real-person communication for both tenants and property owners. We provide a 24/7 live hotline for emergencies and repairs. If you need to speak to someone anytime of day, a real person will answer the phone-not a machine. Owners are also able to view financial, inspection, and maintenance reports 24/7 with our online owner portal.
  • We Offer Cost Effective Maintenance– Maintenance and repairs don’t have to take all of your cash flow. Our Specialized Property Management Crowley property management company is Home Depot approved with preferred pricing. Our group buying ability gives you deals on supplies and remodeling costs. We have 24/7 emergency service for repairs. And, we provide regular inspections inside and out of your property for proactive maintenance.


Specialized Property Management is the leading Crowley property management company managing properties with efficiency. Let our trusted team and proven process work for you today. Call us today.