Using a few of these Dallas condo management tips for returning the deposit can help you as the property manager in Dallas to protect yourself, your tenant and your property.

  • Know your time limits – There are specific time limits in which you have to return the deposit or to send notice of why the deposit is not being returned. Knowing and following these time limits are extremely important. This protects you from a possible court case due to your lack of notice to the tenant.
  • Your camera is your friend – Most property management companies in Dallas have a checklist for moving into the home. While this is supposed to protect you and the tenant. This can be defeated in a court room by the tenant. You need proof of the condition of the home before and after the tenant moves in and out. Take pictures before they move in and of the damage after they have left.
  • Never estimate cost – Do not send a letter with round estimated numbers to the tenant. If you end up in court you must be able to show receipts of what it cost you to repair the home. Without them you could be paying the tenant his security deposit back and having to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. Be sure to keep all papers, receipts, time cards and actual numbers on everything repaired on the home.
  • Beyond “ordinary wear and tear” – Remember that items like cleaning carpets and painting the walls are not typically considered excessive damage. These items would not be something that you should deduct for. You can only withhold the deposit for items that are considered above and beyond the ordinary wear of the home being lived in.

Use these tips as guidelines in your condo management guidelines you will be able to protect yourself, your home and the tenants during this time.