Comparing the Costs of Self-Management to Professional McKinney Property Management

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Look closely. Do-it-yourself management and the services of a professional McKinney property management company may look the same at first glance, but as in life, not everything is as it seems, or as we would like it to be. Considering these options through the perspective of your time, money, and property value will help to see the picture more clearly.


1. Your Time

We are guessing that your rental property is not your full-time job. If it is, we should talk because we have a lot in common! If it’s not, we want you to know from our 30-years of personal experience that you will have to put in a lot of late-night and weekend hours to do it right. How much is your time worth? If it’s even a dollar more than what you would pay a McKinney property management company such as Specialized Property Management per hour, it’s more cost-effective to hire a professional. Save time and outsource efforts to find, screen, and lease to tenants as well a maintain the property, respond to emergencies, and provide rent collection, accounting, and legal support.


2. Your Money

This is the category of comparison that surprises landlords the most, but you save more money than you realize working with experts in property management. McKinney rental owners cut costs with Specialized Property Management daily because we offer group discounts on parts and labor. We also prevent common compliance mistakes that could cost you far more in legal fees if not mitigated. Lastly, we put our proven processes to work for you ensuring more reliable tenants, shortening vacancies, and streamlining rent collections processes.


3. Your Property Value

A well-maintained property not only maintains its value but attracts renters the moment we put up the advertisement for it. We take this knowledge to heart and perform routine inspections as well as regular maintenance to ensure contract compliance and prevent from costing you more later if not addressed. We offer your tenants a 24/7 tenant hotline and respond to emergencies around the clock.


A side-by-side comparison of your McKinney property management options reveals that self-management is not the same as what a professional company could offer you if you want to save time, save money, and increase your property value.

Join the 99% satisfied customers who saw their options clearly and make a strong choice. Call us for a free property assessment today!