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If you are a property investor trying your hand at DIY property management, you will quickly find out how divided you become through managing multiple responsibilities. Trying to do too many things on your own can make it so that nothing you do is very effective. For expert help with property management, Cockrell Hill investors come to Specialized Property Management. We offer a comprehensive list of services that will support your investing goals and your individual management needs.

Our local expertise means superior care for any rental property situation. Our 98% client satisfaction record shows that owners, properties, and tenants benefit from our management services.

Tenant Screening

Property owners understand this is a vital step in property management. Quality tenants reduce risk to your property and cash flow. Our skilled managers ensure a quick process in finding quality tenants to rent your unit. We remove the headache of the screening process from you and provide you with quality tenants that in turn give you fewer vacancies, less property damage, and more consistent rent checks.

Reduced Risk

Expanding your number of property investments or even just maintaining your existing property with integrity means understanding the complicated legal requirements for investment property. Partnering with Cockrell Hill property management companies means working with local experts on both federal and local laws, codes, and regulations for rental properties. Our in-house legal team has you protected and gives you peace of mind with mitigation policies, lease preparation, and eviction services.

Clear Communication

Specialized Property Management provides transparent communication as part of our property management. Cockrell Hills property owners and renters can depend on a 24/7 live-person hotline for property concerns and emergencies. Around-the-clock, access to view financial, maintenance, and inspection reports, and property pictures are available to owners through a secure online owner portal.

More Affordable

Our costs are completely transparent with no hidden fees or upfront costs, and pricing options are clearly defined. With such straightforward pricing, it is easy for you to calculate your return on investment when partnering with affordable professional property management.

The Books are Balanced

Of all Cockrell Hill property management companies, Specialized Property Management manages finances with efficiency and integrity. Handling the finances includes monthly direct deposits to owners, monthly independent audits on accounts, online payment options for tenants, and end-of-year 1099 options. This headache-free financial support gives you financial clarity and peace of mind.

With over 30 years experience and local expertise, it is evident to see why Specialized Property Management offers superior service from other Cockrell Hill property management companies. Let us put our proven process to work for you today.