Cecilia Betsuie, Maintenance Coordinator

Cecilia Betsuie is a Maintenance Coordinator for Specialized Property Management.  She is responsible for working with residents and property owners on maintenance concerns, as well as overseeing and managing the Maintenance Technicians and subcontractors to complete maintenance needs of rental property.

Ms. Betsuie has experience in property insurance, home inspection, construction, pest control, and service department coordination, providing a strong foundation for her current position.

She moved to the Dallas area in early 2019, looking to become part of a team of individuals with the character and integrity that matches her own.  She feels the vision and culture at SPM is very unique, and ultimately is what swayed her decision to become a part of the company.  The Maintenance Department’s job is never done, and is consistently filled with challenges.  The ethics, hard-working nature of the team, and constant support are what ensure the success of both the department and the company.

Ms. Betsuie was born and raised in a very small Southeast Texas town.  She lived in San Diego for several years, and still misses the beaches, the weather and the food almost every day.  She hails from a Military family, and has moved quite a bit.  She and her family spent time in Florida and the Fort Hood area as well, so they are comfortable with changes in environment, and therefore are not fearful of new places or making new friends.  Ms. Betsuie has one son studying business at Texas Tech in Lubbock, another son transitioning into the service of our country, and her youngest son will soon enter high school.  Her family is very active and love to be outside doing something with their two German Shepherds as often as possible.  They enjoy traveling with family and friends, watching the latest movie on the big screen, playing board and trivia games, and helping others as much as they can.

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