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With 98% customer satisfaction, Specialized Property Management has the track record that says, “We can get the job done right!” for you. Our proven processes can help investors with whatever their management needs are and put their property investment on the track to success.

As experts in property management, Carrollton Specialized Property Management has the local expertise to help you set correct rent rates, quickly find good tenants, and keep you in compliance with local laws and regulations. We manage your rental property with integrity and care.


Manage Property Responsibilities

  • Routine internal and external inspections let us know what is happening with your property. From move-in to move-out, we know what your rental needs are and take care of problems immediately.  
  • Proactive maintenance, Home Depot approved preferred pricing, and professional remodel services keep your unit in good order at lower costs.


Manage Tenants’ Responsibilities

  • Clear communication with Preventative Tenant Education at the time of lease signing explains rent collecting policies, sets lease expectations and educates tenants on the proper care of your property. A 24/7 live hotline support in case of a property emergency is also available.
  • Thorough tenant screening such as employment, rental history, credit, and criminal checks help us place the highest quality tenant in your unit.


Manage Finance Responsibilities  

  • Affordable pricing with no hidden fees or upfront costs lets you experience the difference between our services and other Carrollton property management companies without any risk to you.
  • Faster leasing process gives you a faster cash flow. Our affordable monthly management fees will pay for themselves while you enjoy hassle-free property management.
  • Financial peace of mind is what you can expect because we handle all money transactions with integrity. Independent monthly audits, an online rent collecting process, and direct deposit of funds to owners are some of the ways we make sure your cash flow is consistent and accurate.


Manage Legal Issue Responsibilities  

  • Reduced risk comes through our in-house legal counsel which ensures you have time-sensitive assistance, legal compliance to rental laws and codes, and strict risk mitigation policies.
  • Eviction Protection Plan is an additional protection offered for eviction and writ of possession services.


With our superior service, fast response time, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, our Specialized Property Management stands above other Carrollton property management companies. You can trust that your investment property is well cared for as we save you time and hassles with our proven management process. Call us today to learn more about how Specialized Property Management is your trusted partner in property management.