Can a Physical Disability Affect a Texas Lease Agreement?

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This answer to this question is a resounding YES.

There are specific laws that protect those with disabilities, and failing to follow these laws can result in serious fines. Fort Worth property management companies should be aware of how they approach this protected group so they don’t accidentally break laws and put themselves in a legal mess.

What is a Disability?

Not all disabilities are immediately seen. Those who receive legal protection for having a disability are those who:

    • Have a written record of a disability
    • Have a mental or physical disability that limits his or her ability to perform major life activities
    • Is considered by other individuals as having a disability

Discrimination can also come into play with your lease application. Fort Worth property management companies should not include questions on leasing applications that ask if a person intending to live in the unit has any disabilities. You also cannot ask about the severity of a disability. Making sure your application reflects a non-discriminatory tone is the first step to keeping within this law.

How Does Fair Housing Apply to the Property?

Fair Housing laws protect individuals from being denied housing because of race, color, sex, religion, presence of children, or disabilities. To accommodate tenants with special requirements, Fort Worth property management companies may need to allow reasonable changes be made to the property at the expense of the tenant, as long as the property is put back to its original state when the tenant moves out. Stipulations and requirements for changes to accommodate disabilities are clearly defined in the lease agreement.

Pet Policies

Don’t make the mistake of holding too tightly to a no-pet policy when a service animal is involved. Having a service animal means a no-pet policy can’t be enforced by property management companies. Fort Worth managers will quickly find themselves in legal trouble for that decision.  

The mistake of housing discrimination is a serious offense even if made unknowingly. Fort Worth property management companies need to be aware of discriminating policies that would not allow a disabled tenant to use or enjoy the property they are renting. At Specialized Property Management DFW, we understand the importance of following guidelines set by federal Fair housing laws. Properly prepared documents and non-discriminating policies will keep property owners legal and violation-free. We can manage your rental property with professional expertise for all tenants and circumstances. Let us show you our full range of services that guarantee the success of your rental property investment. Visit us at (