Better Property Management for Garland Property Managers

Welcome to Garland! Located just northeast of the popular Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Garland, is a hidden gem tucked away in the corner of Dallas county. Ranking #5 among the most diverse suburbs in Texas (according to, Garland is full of rich history and pure Texas charm! Residents here enjoy a variety of attractions including shopping centers, luxurious accommodations and exciting water parks like Hawaiian Falls. Whether you want to fish or sail on Lake Ray Hubbard or play a few holes at Firewheel Golf Park, there’s something for everyone in Garland. Almost 240,000 residents occupy the City of Garland and the numbers continue to increase each year.

Of the many beautiful homes located in Garland, 37% of them are rental properties, making this Dallas suburb an ideal market for investors who desire to become landlords. Garland property managers have found that when they work with a quality property management company, they receive a better return on their investment and save time and money in the long run. At Specialized Property Management Dallas, we understand the concerns of property investors and homeowners alike. We’re equipped to handle the daily tasks required for managing investment properties and provide a steady stream of unencumbered cash flow for our clients. Our Garland property management office is composed of professional property managers who will guide you every step of the way. Here’s what we offer our clients that other property management companies don’t. 

Local Expertise

We live and work locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, with local knowledge of the Garland area. That means we will set competitive rental rates right off the bat and get your property leased quickly. Our goal is to have your rental home leased in under 29 days, reducing vacancy days where your cash flow is impacted. Our team of professionals will give you a 

pre-leasing property assessment, with advice on how to fix up your home before it goes on the market. We also take care of all the advertising and marketing so you don’t have to! We’ll list your home on over 85 rental listing sites, posting 3D photos and video tours for ultimate visual efficiency. 

Better Tenant Screening for Our Garland Property Managers

If you’re new to the rental property management industry, you may not be aware of just how important a rigorous tenant screening process is. Sure, you can always hope a great tenant will come along and rent out your home, but our process checks credit and criminal background and verifies employment and rental history, so you’ll have a better idea of what kind of tenant they are. We’ll call the tenant’s previous landlords and references to see if they paid rent on time and/or left any damage to their previous dwelling. 

Rent Collection Online

Everything’s online now, so shouldn’t rent collection be, too? At Specialized Property Management, we take advantage of a straightforward rent collection system that allows tenants to pay their rent from their online web portal. Funds are sent through ACH into your account for a quick and easy payment. When a tenant stops paying rent, we have an automated collections process that goes into effect right away, saving you time and hassle in property management. Garland, TX, rental owners trust our proven processes and systems.

24/7 Maintenance Hotline

Dealing with maintenance issues is just one of the realities Garland property managers have to face. At SPM Dallas, we make it easier for you with our 24/7 maintenance hotline. We’ll answer phone calls and emails from tenants at all times of the day or night so you don’t have to. We’ll keep you and your tenant updated on the status of the work order so everyone is aware of the latest developments. 

Online Reporting

A lot of our investors don’t live near their rental property, but we understand the need to still know what’s going on from far away. Our online reporting system lets you access photos of your rental property and see updates in real-time. We also offer our rental property owners a centralized accounting system whether they own one home or several!

Routine Property Inspections

Your property deserves to be maintained and inspected even while you have a tenant living in it. That’s why at SPM Dallas, we recommend quarterly property inspections from a licensed home inspector. Home inspectors will check that all major maintenance issues are reported, and verify lease compliance at the same time.

Legal Knowledge

Part of becoming a successful Garland property manager is knowing the rules and regulations associated with rental homeownership. But we realize that not every landlord has the spare time to study up on all the laws required. That’s why our in-house legal counsel stays up to date on all trust accounting, fair housing, property code, and other landlord & tenant regulations. We do it so that you don’t have to! We promise to minimize your financial and legal risk and save you from paying expensive fines.

Why Choose Us?

We know there are a lot of property management companies out there that promise you comprehensive management. But only when you work with SPM Dallas will you find unparalleled customer service and professional property management that really does save you time and money. We offer the following guarantees to our clients:

  • Hassle-Free Cancellation Guarantee: We believe with our full team of experts in leasing, maintenance, accounting, compliance, and rental management, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another company as qualified as ours. However, sometimes our services aren’t needed in particular situations, so we allow our customers a Hassle-Free Cancellation Guarantee after 60 days without any red tape.
  • 10-Month Tenant Guarantee: After our extensive tenant screening process, any new tenant we place is guaranteed for 10 months. Click here for more specifics on which tenants this guarantee covers. 
  • Customer for Life Price Guarantee: Garland property managers who pick us as their management company will receive a set fee for a period of three years with zero increase. We won’t up your fees without any warning, and even if you acquire additional rental properties during that three-year period, we’ll still honor your initial fee for those properties as well. 
  • Legal & Accounting Compliance Guarantee: As mentioned previously, our in-house legal team will make sure you and your rental property stay up-to-code and in compliance. We promise your financials will successfully meet all the criteria required by the State Department of Real Estate and all CPA GAAP regulations. Rental property records will also be easily accessible and organized in case of a regulatory audit. 
  • Eviction Protection Guarantee: Our Eviction Protection Guarantee covers the cost of unexpected evictions. For the first 10 months of the management agreement, if an eviction is necessary, we promise to pay for it. When your tenant reaches the 11th month of residence, you can continue to protect yourself through our Eviction Protection Plan for only $14 per month. Our EPP covers the costs of filing fees, legal fees, and court costs for unlawful detainer actions plus the cost of a Writ of Possession.
  • SPM’s Price Match Guarantee: If you find another company that promises to do everything we do for a lower price, we’ll gladly match it! Simply present the competitor’s proposal to your Specialized representative before signing your agreement. This only applies to new contracts for properties we do not already manage.

Our Customers are Satisfied – So We are Too!

Our ultimate goal in this business is to make owning and operating a rental home easier for our Garland property managers. Here’s what some of our valued customers had to say about their experience with our team: 

“Needed to get my place rented out before heading overseas and have been very happy with SPM. Great communication, very helpful and thorough when researching what to rent my place for.”

Google review from Sean M.

“I wish I had hired Specialized months ago. They have been very courteous and fast with tenant responses and keep me updated on everything. Will definitely be using them with future rentals.”

Google review from Blake B.

“SPM was very responsive and did a wonderful job at representing my rental property.  You can tell it’s truly a team atmosphere that has your back as an owner and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to rent their property.”

Google review from Lauren M.

Garlands are symbols of unity, and at Specialized Property Management Dallas, we are unified in our efforts to help Garland property managers get the maximum profit from their rental homes. Our comprehensive property management services allow our clients to rest easy, knowing their property and their tenants are taken care of. We have the lowest eviction rate in the DFW area, and 95% of our vacancies are leased in under 29 days! 

In property management, Garland, TX, is a great place to own and operate a rental home. Put us to work for you and save both time and money! Contact your Specialized Property Management Dallas team today at 214-233-7572!