Balch Springs property managers


Specialized Property Management offers the most comprehensive Balch Springs property management services. If you are looking to free yourself from the hassles of managing property on your own, look to the leader in the industry to be your partner for success.


Here are just a few of our services that will put you on the road to success.


Getting You Ready to Lease

Our professional Balch Spring property managers have proprietary methods to get your property rent-ready and leased faster. Fewer vacancy days means a faster cash flow for property owners.


  • Inspecting– The curb appeal of your property is the first impression you give prospective tenants. We make sure remodel and maintenance jobs are finished correctly and cleaned up, ensure your property is up to code, and perform regular inspections during the lease term.
  • Marketing– We offer proprietary marketing strategies with advertising on dozens of websites and post your unit on on our high-traffic rental listing. With eye catching signs placed on your property, we expect people to notice your unit for fast leasing.
  • Showing– We prepare online video tours of your property for anytime viewing. Trained leasing agents promptly respond to any inquiries about your unit.
  • Screening– We conduct a full range of screening checks on any potential tenant over the age of 18. Our goal is to place quality tenants in your rental unit.
  • Signing– Leases are written in accordance with the Leases & Addenda promulgated by the Texas Association of Realtors. All deposits and rents are placed in escrow. New tenants are educated about policies and caring for your property at lease signing.


Working with Tenants

A leased rental unit means Balch Springs property managers are on the job 24/7 making sure everything’s running smoothly.


  • Collecting– Our rent collection process is technology based with online rent payment options. With respectful, but strict collection cycles and on time payment incentives, our goal is that your cash flow is consistent and steady.
  • Maintaining– Professional maintenance teams provide high quality repairs and regular maintenance that are also cost effective.
  • Renewing– We offer our Residents Club to tenants to encourage lease renewal. We proactively try to retain tenants to cut down on costly turnover.
  • Moving– Our Balch Springs property management team makes move outs a smooth transaction from walk-through inspections to deposit refunds.


Working with Owners

Specialized Property Management Balch Springs property management company constantly strives for business transparency and excellence in communication with our property owner clients.


  • Online Portal– Property owners can view details about their property, check financial statements, review work orders, and even see property photos any time of day.
  • Live Support– If an owner has any concerns about a property, we offer a 24/7, live person hotline to address those concerns.
  • Leasing Updates– Property owners receive weekly updates when units are in the leasing process so they are always up to date on the progress of their unit.


Call us today and learn how our proven processes can work for you!