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Dallas Rental Management Legal Issues: Know Your Tenant’s Rights

Rental laws and regulations are meant to safeguard both tenants and owners. Texas has several laws that are intended to protect renters from living in units with dangerous or unreasonable living conditions because of landlord neglect. Dallas rental management owners need to understand these laws and know how to respond appropriately to repair needs for […]

Choosing a Dallas Residential Property Management Company

If you’re new to real estate investing and are beginning to realize the need for professional  Dallas residential property management, then you’re off to a good start. Many investors don’t ever recognize the need for effective professional services and try to do everything themselves.  There are hundreds of real estate management professionals in Dallas, which […]

Dallas “Rent My Home”: The Importance of Property Inspections

Neglecting periodic inspections can lead to disaster! You can protect yourself and your rental property by conducting routine property inspections. When Dallas “rent my home” property managers conduct regular inspections, it shows tenants that they care about the property, and then tenants are likely to follow suit. These inspections should be arranged with the tenant […]