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DIY vs. Professional Property Management | Dallas Landlord Education

Do you remember the last time you gave yourself a root canal or washed the windows in your office building? You probably don’t do those things regularly, because you know they are best left to the experts. Property management also has better results when you leave the day-to-day work to experienced professionals. There are some […]

SPM Partners with Roofstock for Seamless Real Estate Investing

Specialized Property Management, a residential rental management firm, has been named as a certified partner of Roofstock, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling  single-family rental homes. “Our relationship with Roofstock allows us to offer a one-stop solution for investor clients seeking a more predictable, revenue-focused real estate investment strategy,” said Charles Thompson, President […]

What Types of Fees Can I Expect with a Dallas Property Management Company?

In the quest to increase the return on your rental property investment, you are probably concerned with the fees you’ll need to pay for professional management. You need to remember, however, that working with a professional property management company will often increase what you’re able to earn on your property. Professional managers can price your […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Dallas Property Manager

Choosing a property manager in Dallas is a big decision, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a new landlord with one rental property or an experienced investor with an entire portfolio of homes. Your Dallas property manager will place tenants, oversee the day-to-day operations of your rental property, and ensure your investment earns you more […]

How Millennials are Affecting Rental Property Management in Dallas

Pew Research shows that millennials are now the largest living generation. However, out of all the Americans under the age of 35, only 34 percent of them own a home. These statistics put homeownership at an all-time low, which means Plano property management is changing. Millennials don’t want to be tied down to a mortgage […]

Property Managers in Dallas: Should You Buy a House in an HOA Neighborhood?

When you invest in a home, you’re also investing in a neighborhood. You may think that the house you’re buying is so modern, so well-built, and so beautiful, that none of your tenants will mind the run-down, neglected neighborhood. Well, the truth is, neighborhoods matter in Dallas rental management. Before you put your money down, […]

How You Can Prevent Tenant Fires in Dallas Real Estate Property Management

“Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!” December means Christmas lights are going up; ovens are working nonstop, and . . . It’s also the most common month for house fires. Protect your tenants and your Dallas residential property management investment with these fire safety tips from your Specialized team. Check Your Smoke Alarms Are you […]

Property Management in Dallas: What First-Time Landlords Should Know

You can’t go to a college and get a degree in “Landlord-ship”. There’s no training program or classes you can enroll in once you’ve decided to invest in a rental property. Many first-time landlords make a lot of mistakes when they’re getting started. Mistakes are a part of the learning curve, but some can cost […]