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Reducing Vacancies in Your Dallas Rental Property

A vacant Dallas rental property is a property that isn’t earning you any income. Vacant properties are also detrimental to maintenance and keeping the home in good condition. When no one is living in it, you don’t know that there’s a leak under the sink or a hole in the drywall. It’s important that you […]

Guide to Conducting Routine Inspections for Your Dallas Rental Property

Inspecting your rental property before, during, and after a lease term is part of protecting its condition and preserving its value. You don’t want to be surprised by damage that you didn’t know was there, and you want to take care of small maintenance issues before they become more serious and expensive. Establish a policy […]

Top Mistakes Dallas Landlords Must Avoid

There’s no shame in making mistakes; they happen to everyone. The problem with property management missteps is that they can be expensive and even have legal implications. One of the best reasons to hire a professional property manager for your rental real estate is protection. A Dallas property manager can protect you from all the […]

Getting Your Dallas Property Rent Ready

Preparing your property for the rental market is the essential first step in becoming a landlord who earns rental income. You cannot advertise your house, show the unit to interested people, or place a tenant until the property is ready to be someone’s home. To attract the right tenants and get your property rented quickly, […]