Across the Nation, ‘Generation Rent’ Chooses Not to Buy For Different Reasons

Dallas Property Managers Continue to Study Barriers to Home Buying for Millennials

DALLAS– Millennials choosing to rent rather than buy is hardly news, but a new study was released that not only finds the reasons why this generation is hesitant to buy, but breaks out the answers into categories that are specific to the regions they live in. Dallas property managers are shocked to find the barriers in Texas are not the same as in California.

According to the survey results, millennials in Texas and other southern states are split equally between two issues–one being fears about credit scores being too low, and the other being they just don’t know where to start the process.

“The greater debt they [Millennials] have, the lower the FICO score they think they have, but it’s not true,” said Ray Brousseau, Executive Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Carrington Mortgage Services; whose research is used in the results of this study. “There’s good debt, and there’s bad debt,” he continued, referring to the differences between student loan debt and credit card debt, “One is tax deductible, and the other is compounded daily.”

Many millennials have gotten so used to the renters lifestyle, that they don’t want to be tied down to a home purchase. This market segment may not be saddled by large amounts of student loan debt, or even credit card debt, they simply don’t see themselves tied down to a home for a lengthy period of time.

Dallas property managers are seeing their bottom lines increase as ‘generation rent’ continues to delay purchasing a home. As the leading Dallas property management company, Specialized Property Management reminds all Dallas property managers to cater toward this generation as they tend to be tenants for longer periods of time, and are willing to spend more on the ‘right’ rental property.

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