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When Specialized first joined the rental management business nearly 30 years ago, the focus was mainly on multi-family units. Investors who bought single-family homes did so to flip, fix, and sell them. But Specialized’s focus was always on managing single-family homes. Now, with decades of experience, we are proud to be both  a leader in Dallas rental property management and in single-family residential management nationwide. Here’s some information about single-family homes as investments:

Investment Stability

Compared to multi-family investments, single-family properties are often considered the more stable choice. Single family homes attract tenants who are more reliable, so you won’t have the turnover costs of a multi-family unit. You’ll also avoid vacancy costs more easily with a single-family home and tenants who stay longer, saving you a lot of money in the long run. If you are looking for a stable investment in Dallas, real-estate property management is a great choice, and single-family homes are a great place to start.

Culture Shift

In recent years, more families are wanting the single-family lifestyle with a home and yard where they can raise their children. However, they still desire the freedom and mobility of renting. Hence, the single-family rental home is the solution to many families wants and needs; and fills your dream of getting into Dallas rental property management. Demand for single-family rentals is only raising in today’s economy, so it’s a good time to be on the supply side of housing.

Better Management

Specialized’s tools and management strategy for single-family homes make owning an investment property easier than ever. It’s important to beware of outdated management styles. With all the demand and shift towards single family homes, it’s understandable that many Dallas real estate property management companies have started to shift their business to single-family properties as well. But all too often they use old and outdated multi-family business models that simply don’t work for the single-family tenant. Luckily, Specialized Property Management offers a technology-driven process designed to efficiently and carefully manage single-family properties. With over 70% of Specialized’s nationwide portfolio as single-family homes, we are proud to be an expert on this type of Dallas rental property management.

Investing in real estate has never been easier. Let Specialized Property Management be your partner by providing you with clarity, ease of access, and unwavering commitment to excellence. We’ll help you discover just how easy it is to multiply your investment in this strong and growing market. Call today.