7 Tips to Find Better Tenants

property managers in Dallas

Vacancies Equal Stress

Long vacancies can be stressful for even the most patient of property managers in Dallas. Landlords are always eager to fill their rental units, but finding the right tenant can be tricky. A hasty decision can lead to big problems down the road. Rent delays, property damage, legal risks, high turnover, and even eviction risk are all preventable if Dallas residential property management choose a reliable tenant in the first place.

The Best Qualified Applicant

As your local leader in property management, Specialized Property Management can guide you through leasing your property and finding the perfect tenant. With decades of experience, our trustworthy experts work with clients to select the best possible tenant from the applications and screenings. Here are seven simple tips for property managers in Dallas to begin finding a great tenant:

  • Require applications for all tenants above 18 years old. The paperwork is important to have even if the tenant seems great.
  • Verify the tenant income equals at least three times the rent rate. This step greatly reduces the risk of late rent payments.
  • Check credit background, along with past employment and income. Poor credit scores are common, so ask for a written explanation when possible.
  • Verify the past two years of rental history. Ask if rent was paid on time and if there was any damage to the apartment.
  • Require a criminal background check for all applicants. Property managers in Dallas should beware those with a history of drugs, theft, violent or sexual offenders.
  • Complete a reference check. Calling former employers and colleagues minimize the risk of selecting non-paying or destructive tenants.
  • Stay up-to-date on federal and local laws. Make sure to be in compliance with all housing, discrimination, contract and fair credit laws and regulations throughout the screening process.

Experience Equals Success

At Specialized Property Management, our process does it all. We scan potential clients for credit, employment, rental history, criminal, and even terrorist background checks. Every step is done in complete conformity with federal and local Dallas residential property management laws. With decades of experience, thousands of satisfied clients, and responsible teams of professionals, Specialized Property Management is ready to work for you. Call us today to learn about our full list of services!