6 Tips for Better Rent Collection

Putting the “Rent” in “Rental Property”

Collecting rent is one of the biggest hassles for property managers, Dallas landowners, and DIY landlords. You need the rent paid in full, on time, every time. But even the best of tenants can struggle with paying rent. Specialized Property Management experts put together seven steps to help property owners collect payments without being left feeling frustrated or upset. After all, you can’t spell rental property without “rent.” Learning how to collect rent from even the most difficult of tenants will help smooth out your property management. Dallas landlords trust Specialized Property Management and our decades of experience working with thousands of clients just like you.

Rent Collection Suggestions

In a perfect world, the rent would always be paid on time, the checks would always clear, and there would be no further dilemmas. But in reality, Dallas landlords can find themselves up to their knees in problems if rent collection isn’t properly managed. Here are 6 tips for improving your rent collection methods:

  • Rigorous tenant screening helps stop the problem before it starts. We suggest performing background checks for credit history, criminal activity, and past rental history.
  • Set expectations early and firmly. Communicating clear and fair rent policies builds trust between you and your renters.
  • We provide flexible payment options. Through our technology-driven platforms, renters can submit online payments to property managers. Dallas landlords receive payments directly into their accounts.
  • Late rent is carefully monitored through an automated collections process. Our respectful but tough team of experts work with you and your tenant through a firm series of warning and notices.
  • Stay up to date with legal expectations. Knowing the current laws and regulations will help you work quickly and avoid rent-free days if eviction is necessary.
  • Remember to be respectful and professional. Our experts work courteously and free from personal attachments to property or tenants.

We Do It All for You

Rent collection may seem intimidating for property managers. Dallas locals just like you have relied on Specialized Property Management for over 30 years. Our professionals are here to help, so call us today for a free consultation. Whether you need help with property management, Dallas laws and regulations, or simply don’t want to deal with the hassles of rent collection, put our proven process and experienced teams to work for you!