3 Ways to Improve Communication With Your Property Manager

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Rest Easy while Staying Informed

You’ve decided to trust your rental property to a professional property manager. Congratulations! Instead of worrying about rent collection and maintenance repairs, now you can rest easy knowing your property is in the hands of experts. But you still should stay informed about what is going on at your property management in Dallas. At Specialized Property Management, we make clear communication our top priority.  

Quick, clear, and comprehensive communication

With decades of experience, our professionals developed tried-and-true systems that always keep our clients informed. Here are three ways we keep in touch with you and how you can keep in touch with your property management in Dallas:

1.Check out the online owner portal. From this user-friendly owner portal, property managers can review every detail about their property any time of day, any day of the week. Landlords can access the portal anywhere in the world. Using a secure mainframe, clients can view their financial statements, check payment history, and view rent collected and disbursements from the rental property management. Dallas property managers can even view photos of their property from the last inspection.

2.Count on support from our 24/7 hotline. Day or night, our clients know they can count on friendly, professional help via our around-the-clock helpline. From tenant and owner emergencies to urgent owner concerns, Specialized Property Management experts have the local expertise and decades of experience to give you the hassle-free leasing experience you want.

3.Expect weekly updates during the leasing process. Leasing your property is one of the most important processes in rental property management. Dallas landlords can expect weekly updates from their leasing agent, including information on showings, applications, and marketing. Specialized Property Management experts are also available to discuss property preparation, rent rates, and leasing strategies.

You can expect constant and clear communication from the trustworthy professionals of the top property management in Dallas. Call us today to find out more about our comprehensive list of services and how we can help you leave all the worries of property management in Dallas behind.