10 Steps for Faster Leasing for Dallas Rental Property

Long Vacancy = Less Money

The truth about Dallas rental property management is tenants will come and go. But the longer your property sits vacant, the less money you earn. In fact, without a strong marketing plan, the average vacancy can last around 2-3 months.

Find Reliable Tenants Fast

As the nationwide leader in Dallas rental property management, Specialized Property Management can guide you through all of the ins and outs of leasing your rental home. Most Dallas owners end up with more vacancy days than necessary simply because they don’t know how to lease their property quickly. It’s essential to have the proper skills and experience to rent your home.

  • It’s important to prepare the home for rental, or getting the home “rent-ready.” This step includes re-keying, lockbox installation, and any cleaning or repairs.
  • Our experts evaluate your rental property and set a rent rate based on the local market. We provide you with a professional evaluation to help you decide on the best rental price. Too low, and you will receive less profit. Too high, and you will have a longer vacancy.
  • Using an aggressive marketing strategy, we advertise your rental property across dozens of the most visited rental sites, including our own. Rental homes are also advertised on local outlets.
  • Our 24-hour Dallas real estate property management helpline is always ready and available to answer questions quickly, whether our clients or tenants have questions.
  • Experienced teams of agents schedule showings for potential tenants. We are committed to finding you reliable tenants in any way possible.
  • We collect applications from potential tenants, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • We screen every application for tenants over 18-years-old. Background checks include criminal, credit, employment, and rental history checks.
  • Our trustworthy experts work with clients to select the best possible tenant from the applications and screenings. Well-screened tenants are more likely to stay longer.
  • Don’t stress over lease signings and move-ins. Teams of experts take care of all the paperwork and set expectations clearly with tenants.
  • We provide unsurpassed service, leaving no stone unturned and no detail forgotten We provide weekly updates to our clients, along with first-class customer service and an online owner portal.

A Tested, Effective Process

Dallas real estate property management is a lot of work, but you can save time and hassle by partnering with Specialized Property Management. Our team of experts have decades of experience. You can rely on us for shorter vacancies, reliable tenants, and help every step of the leasing process.